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eWombat Search

The eWombat search engine for Planners and Accountants makes searching the ATO and other relevant websites easier, quicker and more accurate than using any other service. It's designed for your needs.

To use eWombat simply type in one or more keywords that focus on the tax or related question you are looking to find information on. For example, foreign source income or teachers deductions or luxury car or TR 2005/11 (for a Tax Ruling), etc.

What is found is listed in up to five sections and displayed either across or down the page. These sections are:

  • ATO
  • ATO Law
  • ASIC
  • Centrelink
  • Internet (this is a listing from a broader range of sites included in eWombat such as Centrelink, Newspapers, ASIC, White Pages and the ASX)

eWombat is this services name because, like its marsupial namesake, it scratches around and digs up information that'll make your day more productive.